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Game Scenarios

Its Not About Winning A Battle, You Have To Win The Campaign!

1) Go 'over the top' in the ultimate trench warfare course ........'DEATH OR GLORY'. Snipers are everywhere, the slightest give away to your position and you're a dead man."GET..... READDDY''!!!!! The whistle blows..."OVER - THE - TOP"!!!! is the cry as gallant men hurtle forward, throwing smoke and stun grenades into the trenches as they slot the enemy..... when the smoke clears which team will be glorious?

2) Its... 'D-DAY'...and now your time has come to become immortalised!!! The door slams down on your landing craft as your intrepid platoon is plunged into the unknown!!!.....can you survive the vicious onslaught and take out the enemy bunkers?!!!

3) 'PEGASUS BRIDGE'.....The country is relying on you in this 'Do or Die' mm ission.You will be dropped deep behind enemy lines,your mission.... Blow up Pegasus Bridge in a surprise attack, preventing enemy troops reinforcing the front line......suppress enemy fire, long enough to prime the real claymore clacker( used in Vietnam) and watch the bridge blow!!!

It is stalemate in NO MANS LAND, the enemy are deeply entrenched, picking off their brave opponents at will with accurate sniper fire as they move into a forward position to mount their perilous attack, where they have to streak across the open land, navagate through enemy fortifications and shoot the two bulls eyes that are wired to REAL explosives in the fastest time, deservedly earning themselves the biggest buzz by blowing the hell out off the fleeing Colonel in a simulated rocket attack, using a real Iraqi RPG, which can be seen in use by clicking here.

Blaze Ball
Fast and furious, get's your adrenaline pumping! This purpose built competition concept field is filled with 6ft high barricades providing ideal cover from enemy fire! Enemy teams line up at each end of the field, their objective is to get to kill all of their opponents and try to stay alive. Last man standing wins for his/her team. To be successful you need to move with speed and create cross-fire by communicating with your fellow team mates.

Mission Impossible
There's flag between you and the enemy in no mans land. Phase 1 of the mission is to advance from your secure position, sweeping down from the defenses in the wood, confusing your opponents with a diversionary attacks whilst team members blaze down the slope taking cover in the long trench, before blitzing over the mound and heading for the flag. Phase 2, extract the flag back to the safety of your secure position. This is usually the first game of the day, Mission Impossible will test both communication and speed qualities for both teams.

Search And Destroy
This is our largest combat arena. The woodland offers many challenges with natural cover and defenses. The Paintball teams line up at either end of the wood in their respective bases eagerly waiting to begin. Their objective is to make their way into the wood where they will come upon the village. In one of the houses there will be a flag. Both teams engage in a hectic battle as they move house to house attempting to locate this flag, which they have then have got to grab and over run the apposing teams base, Great Fun!

Storm The Fort
Your team has the task of storming the oppositions well guarded fort. To help you and your team mates complete this objective, there are three bridges which are to help you cross over the stream, two tree houses one either side of the arena (for the attackers only), and lots of barricades which need to be used wisely in if you are going to complete this course. The nerve and skill of every player on your team will be tested in this fast moving game.

Blow The Dump
This is usually the most complex game of the day, your team will need speed, and good teamwork to bag a win in this arena. Your team needs to locate the explosives previously left by a failed raiding party. Retrieve the explosives using the huge concrete structures in the arenas basin as firing positions then decide amongst the team, the line of attack to take to blow the enemies fuel depot whilst constantly coming under enemy fire!

Have No Fear!
Shield the General from incoming fire as you move through enemy lines to reach the safe haven. Keep him alive to win.

Other activities include ghyll scrambling, raft building & clay pigeon shooting - contact us for details